News: There IS a spoon.

Universe in a cup

A study lead by Norbi and Aurora will appear in the October 31st issue of Nature. This article provides new evidence that the universe underwent a turbulent and violent youth more than 10 billion years ago. At that time, billions of exploding stars created vast quantities of heavy elements. This was also … Continue reading

Episode 7: Fascinating facts about black holes

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU We all wish we could experience time in a different way – something other than the inexorably regular tick-tock of your wrist watch or wall clock. Einstein’s genius consisted in daring to envision, and prove, that this wasn’t just a human dream, but a part of … Continue reading

Mirror, mirror

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You’ll be surprised about all the types of mirrors that are out there, reflecting images of the world and giving them a new perspective. This is a mix of mostly new photos, plus a few old favorites from earlier blog posts.

The land of the free

Sunset over Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Because of the federal government shutdown, all US national parks are currently closed. So we thought we’d bring you this post to remind you all of the raw natural beauty of America, and the amazing feeling of awe and freedom that this beauty could inspire – if only the over-the-top stubbornness … Continue reading