Tokyo Christmas lights

The tunnel of blue lights at Shiodome.

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Although Christmas in Japan isn’t an actual official holiday, Tokyo probably sports some of the most impressive displays of Christmas lights in the world. So enjoy these photos as you get into the holiday spirit – and if you’re in Tokyo, go check out these places in person, we promise … Continue reading

Autumn in Kyoto

A zoomed-in view of a pond at the Hogonin temple in Arashiyama shows fallen leaves floating on the surface, while the water reflects an image of the red maple trees above in the late afternoon light.

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Formerly the imperial capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, the City of Ten Thousand Shrines is famous for its temples – especially so during the autumn foliage, when the temple gardens put on a spectacle of colours that is quite probably unique in the world. This season, we went to Kyoto to … Continue reading

Aerial views of the Bay Area

The shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge against the setting sun, with just a hint of the typical San Francisco fog.

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A bit like our astrophotography posts, this gallery was born at another crossroads of our hobbies: Norbi as a private pilot (often joined by our friend Aurelien), and Aurora as the shutterbug – all in the context of the beautiful setting that is the Bay Area.