Burning Man 2014

The Playa dust hasn’t even begun to settle, but I simply had to put the cleaning and exhaustion aside and go through the amazing collection of photos from this year’s Burning Man. Our precious Canon 5D Mark III camera looks like it’s been through hell and back, and has ingested at least as much dust as I probably have, but I’m proud to report it seems to have survived!

As for us, the impressions, like the dust, will still take a while to sort out – but one thing is certain: we are grateful. Very grateful for the opportunity to finally participate in this event, and very grateful to all the people who have contributed to making Black Rock City such an awe-inspiring place. This is our post-burn gift to you all: a necessarily minute, feeble and incomplete tribute to this festival, but a tribute nonetheless.

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  1. So glad you went!!! I never have been, but glad to hear you two went!

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