Searching for Buddha

For this blog post, we’ve decided to take you back to the beginning of our love for photography. Aurora has been really keen on learning how to take better pictures ever since she first got her hands on Norbi’s new Canon DSLR back in 2007, but it was our 2009 trip through Tibet, across the Himalaya to Kathmandu, that really motivated us to become better photographers.

We were so amazed by the new people and new places we discovered that we knew we had to find a way to share these experiences with you – and we had to learn how to use the camera lens to express what we saw.

I hope that our photographic skills have evolved a bit since these pictures were taken. But they remain some of our favorite photos, for sentimental reasons and also because they portray incredible places with an incredible atmosphere that we can only encourage you to go and experience by yourself.



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  1. the hilly mountain pic is really placid.

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