Episode 6: The cosmic web

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU AND NORBERT WERNER You’ve probably heard that Archimedes had his “Eureka” moment when he stepped into his bathtub and realized that the water level rose. But did you know that our entire Universe, on the grandest scales, resembles the foam you play with when you are … Continue reading

Episode 5: Islands in a sea of darkness

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU You may imagine that the Universe is full of strange and complicated physics, and you’d be right. But that’s not the most difficult thing about it. Understanding the sheer size of our cosmos probably poses a bigger challenge to our minds than the most complicated physics … Continue reading

Episode 4: Interplanetary travel

WRITTEN BY: NORBERT WERNER AND AURORA SIMIONESCU When Aurora was growing up in communist Romania, before the 1989 revolution, many foreign books were hard to come by. Her introduction to the genre of science fiction was what she’d later remember only as “that book with the purple cover that I … Continue reading

Episode 3: Life in the Solar System

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU AND NORBERT WERNER We met Dr. Oleg Gusev in September 2012 at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Japan. During his presentation, he took a test tube containing something that looked like little red crystals – unmistakably dead and dried out, closely resembling colorful … Continue reading

Episode 2: Are we alone?

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU In November 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish discovered a rather peculiar source on the sky, which was sending a radio signal once every 1.33 seconds, with remarkable regularity. For a while, the source was affectionately nicknamed LGM-1, short for “little green men” – until … Continue reading

Episode 1: The Universe Recycles

WRITTEN BY: AURORA SIMIONESCU There’s something fundamental about being out at night on a lonely mountain meadow, listening to the flowing water of a nearby stream, the wood fire having long died out, leaving the stars as the only source of light to pierce through the darkness. Something ancestral – … Continue reading